Tuesday, 5 June 2012


June is turning into a really busy month for me!

To start with, I have been recruited as accompanist for some ABRSM examinations - 3 flute, 1 violin and 1 trumpet - as well as preparing 2 of my piano students for their own ABRSM exams. They are doing prep test and grade 2. That means that I have at least 10 pieces to learn, 5 rehearsals to attend, and of course the actual exams. Sounds a lot, and it is a lot, especially as they are all in the space of a week.

As well as exams, I have been asked to play for the Arran High School show, "The Wizard of Oz", which is a very long and intense score. I am playing the synthesizer part, which covers all the instruments of the orchestra, as we don't have strings players or most of the other instruments of the orchestra. Oh, and it is in the same week as the exams!

I have the 3 flute exams on the 19th, then head to Arran for dress rehearsal. The show is on the 20th - 22nd, then I'll come back to the mainland the next day for final lessons with my own exam pupils. On the 25th, my pupils and the violin player have their exams, then the trumpet exam is on the 27th.


It's certainly much better than being bored stiff!

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