Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Let me start with an apology for taking so long to write! There's not been an awful lot to report.

So, all change on the business front, as I'm moving to Arran. I'm already looking for pupils over there and have postcards ready to go into the schools to try and attract as much attention as possible! Fingers crossed I build up a steady group of pupils like I have on the mainland.

Talking of my mainland pupils, they're by no means being abandoned! I'm coming back for 2 days each week to teach in Stewarton and Irvine. Unfortunately this means I've had to raise my prices for people on the mainland, but hopefully it'll all work out and we can continue to enjoy playing together.

As for my own piano playing, I've not been doing an awful lot in terms of learning new material, but this week I have picked up a book I've had for a while and not played and I'm finding it so much fun! It's Christopher Norton's Rock Preludes, which has a CD of backing tracks so it *almost* feels like playing with a band....actually it feels nothing like it but it's fun.

Another thing, our move to Arran means I've had to leave the wedding band :( Shame, I've really enjoyed it, but there's just no way it's possible for me to rehearse with them every week when the last boat home to Arran is 6pm!

That's all for now :)

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