Wednesday, 3 October 2012

chamber music

For me, the biggest thing missing from my musical life is the opportunity to play chamber music. Ever since I was in school and accompanying all the singers for rehearsals and even their standard grade and higher exams, I have been hooked.

As piano is considered to be the least sociable instrument (which I think it is) I often find it very lonely and sometimes boring to play solo pieces. When I was in my last year of the RSAMD junior academy before going on to do my degree, I was placed in a chamber group consisting of piano, violin and cello. This completely turned my musical life around and in my final recital of my degree, my entire programme consisted of chamber music. It was made up of 7 songs (by 2 sopranos) and a trio. I still have the entire programme in a folder so I will post it in another blog as I'm not at home while writing this.

I can tell you however that the trio was Poulenc's trio for piano, oboe and bassoon. It was lots of fun to play and very difficult!

Do have a listen and let me know what you think of this choice. I think it's a lovely piece, but it may take a few listens to pick out all the harmonies etc that make me love it so much.

Another couple of pieces I have played that I completely fell in love with are Faure's Elegie for cello and piano and Poulenc's sonata for clarinet and piano (which was my highest graded performance in my entire 4 years). I did a few other pieces as well (such as Bruch's Kol Nidrei) and lots of songs with various singers.

I would love to be in a situation now that would provide me with more of these opportunities, but it's difficult when you aren't studying in a conservatoire full of other musicians anymore! There are possibly opportunities heading my way though, I just need to dig a little deeper.

Here are links to performances on youtube of each the pieces I have mentioned (I have tried my best to find quality performances):

Poulenc's sonata for clarinet and piano movement 1 and movements 2 & 3 (unfortunately some of the piano gets a bit lost in mvt 3)
Poulenc's trio for piano, oboe and bassoon               
Faure's Elegie for cello and piano                           

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